In Production


A cinema documentary by Christian Tod
Austria/Germany 2016, 52/95 min.

A co-production with OVALfilm (DE)

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI), ZDF/ARTE, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Film/Television-Agreement (ORF), Film und Medien Stiftung NRW, Filmstandort Austria (FISA), Filmfonds Wien (FFW)

In production / Scheduled for 2016

What would you do if your income were taken care of?
Just a few years ago, an unconditional basic income was considered a pipe dream. Today, this utopia is more imaginable than ever before – intense discussions are taking place in all political and scientific camps.
FREE LUNCH SOCIETY provides background information about this idea and searches for explanations, possibilities and experiences regarding its implementation.



World Health

A cinema documentary by Lilian Franck
Germany/Austria 2016, 90 min.

A co-production with OVALfilm (DE)

Developed with the support of ZDF/ARTE, Federal State Government of Germany – Directorate Culture and Media (BKM), Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI), Austrian Broadcasting Corporation Film/Television-Agreement (ORF), Deutscher Filmförderfonds DFF, MEDIA

In production / Scheduled for 2016

The documentary WORLD HEALTH follows the current reforms of the WHO to improve its operation. It also examines the growing challenges for Health in today’s world in conversations with global health players.

In Development




A feature film by Markus Heltschl
Austria 2017, 90 min.

With the support of Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI), Federal State Government of Tyrol – Directorate Culture

Participant of SOURCES 2

In development / Scheduled for 2016

When his best friend goes on a killing spree, PAOLO’s (16) world falls apart. Having to face the consequences of the deed, he is sucked into a maelstrom of events, which he can hardly escape.




A feature film by Stefan A. Lukacs
Austria 2017, 100 min.

Developed with the support of Filmfonds Wien (FFW), Austrian Film Institute (ÖFI)

In development / Scheduled for 2016

Young and eager police recruit Chris shoots a mentally ill man on duty. He is celebrated a hero, but soon after, traumatic symptoms begin to surface. In a desperate attempt not to be exposed by his tough superior Konstantin, he resorts to excessive violence, in order to hide his trauma and fulfill his dream of becoming an elite cop.

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A cinema documentary by Matthias van Baaren
Austria 2016, 80 min.

Developed with the support of Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture – Innovative Film Austria (BMUKK), City of Vienna – Cultural Department / Film (MA7)

In development / Scheduled for 2016

After a night of drinking a young actress wakes next to a man, whom she has only met briefly before. She is convinced that he drugged her with knockout drops and raped her afterwards. The woman decides to report him to the police, without being able to prove her allegations. “You May be Believed” is a film about people’s credibility, and how we deal with it as a society.