Fuchs im Bau_v3

A film by Arman T. Riahi
Feature Film  |  90 Min  |  AUT  |  2019


When the ambitious FUCHS (40) starts his new job replacing the old, headstrong and unconventional prison teacher BERGER (59), he discovers not only his own creativity but learns also to build a connection to the close-mouthed inmate SAMIRA (16).

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute, ORF Film/Television Agreement, Vienna Film Fund, Film Industry Support Austria


A film by Valerie Blankenbyl
Documentary  |  90 Min  |  CH, AUT  |  2019
A co-production with Cognito Films


121.000 retirees, 50 golf courses, 3000 activities. The Bubble depicts everyday life in and around the world’s biggest retirement community in Florida.

Funded by BAK, Filmstiftung Zürich, Austrian Film Institute, Film Industry Support Austria, ORF Film/Television Agreement, SRG, Suissimage


A docomedy by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl
90 min  |  AUT
A co-production with Hiebler-Ertl KG


„At 16 you go out for a beer and suddenly you are 30.“ This awareness suddenly hits 29-year old Stefanie Fröhlich while having a hangover. Her life between callcenter job, pub rounds, hanging around, art school and lectures isn’t the same anymore. And now someone wants to make a film about her! Impossible? Based on the work of the radical cult-author Stefanie Sargnagel.

Funded with the support of Vienna Film Fund, Austrian Film Institute,
ORF Film/Television Agreement, Film Industry Support Austria & Federal Province of Lower Austria 



A film by David Wagner
Feature Film  |  100 min  |  AUT, GER  |  2021

Vice Lieutenant Eismayer is the most feared instructor in the Austrian Army and leads a double life as a model macho in public and as a gay man in secret. When a young soldier who is openly gay enters and Eismayer falls in love with him, his world begins to fall apart.

Funded with the support of Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund & ORF Film/Television Agreement


A film by The Riahi Brothers
Feature Film  |  110 min  |  AUT

Alfred Duschek is a reactionary, xenophobic caretaker in Vienna. After his sudden, early retirement he starts to shrink and becomes more and more the victim of his own prejudices. A fantastic farce about people who hate change.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute & Vienna Film Fund & Creative Europe


A film by Terence Davies
Feature Film  |  100 min  |  GB, AUT
A co-production with Sheryl Crown & Ruth Caleb & Terence Davies (TPOG Limited)

Stefan Zweig’s novel set in post war Austria sows the seeds for the rise of fascism, the end of the Empire and ultimately the Second World War.This is a story of two people who realize they are inextricably bound to their social and economic realities by circumstance.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute & Vienna Film Fund


An animation-film by Virgil Widrich
written by Jean-Claude Carriére & Virgil Widrich

90 min  |  AUT, LUX, FR

Romeo and Juliet in the microcosm of the human body… Forbidden love between the young Bacterium
Micromeo and Antibody-girl Globia threatens the harmony of the immune system, leading to war between ambitious leaders, and finally awakening a genetic monster that is ready to exterminate them all.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute & Vienna Film Fund & Creative Europe


A film by Arash T. Riahi
Feature Film  |  120 min  |  GER, AUT, SWE, FRA

Inspired by the life of Iran’s first female minister who was executed after the Islamic revolution. A passionate plea about the fight for the freedom of women by reference to the historical developments of modern day Iran, from the 1930s to the present. The film connects a personal, human fate with sociopolitical events, which influence world affairs up to the present day.

Developed with the support of the Hamburg Film Fond


A film by by Alfoz Abdulkarim Tanjour
90 min  |  AUT

During the Syrian revolution, 21-year old Noor tries to escape with his mother to his father, living in Europe to reunite the family. When he arrives in Europe without his mother and realizes that his father is involved in human trafficking. His perception of good and bad is challenged. A film about innocence in a guilty world.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute & Creative Europe & Doha Institute


A film by Stephen Hutton
90 min  |  AUT, NOR

A man finds himself sitting with death. As death drives around the city, he collects everyone who has passed that night. Will it be possible for our hero to reach a deal to survive death?

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute & Creative Europe


A documentary by Verena Soltiz
90 min  |  AUT, GB
A co-production with PINBALL London LTD.

Will women have more rights and freedoms if religion becomes obsolete in the matters of public and private life? And do all women want this at all, especially religious women who call themselves feminists and are honest about calling themselves so.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute


A comedy by Daniel Moshel
written by Daniel Moshel,
Domenik Pockberger,
Eugen Klim
90 min  |  AUT

Jonni, a lovable, jewish rascal from Vienna is pulling out all the stops to emanzipate himself from his parents via his virtual reality cyber-erotic project. Even if that means blackmailing his racist father by threatening to marry a former prostitute from Nigeria.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute


A hybrid documentary by The Riahi Brothers
90 min  |  AUT

In the animated documentary “Everyday Propaganda” we see the world through the eyes of modern populist and authoritarian regimes who are using propagandist and manipulative methods to seize power or continue to cling to it.  How can we find tactics to resist and reclaim the power of the people in a divided world?

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute & Creative Europe


A feature series by The Riahi Brothers
written by Klaus Opitz
5 x 45 min  |  AUT

Set in the near future. The members of the Viennese working-class family Putschek, supporters of the right wing populists, are unwilling to accept the fact that they – like many of their fellow countrymen – have lost out by electing the party that is in power. They are forced to flee to Turkey as refugees. An absurd farce about the future in the present.

Developed with the support of Creative Europe


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