HTBN 16-9

A film by Florian Pochlatko
Feature Film | 100 min | AUT


HOW TO BE NORMAL? This is the question PIA asks herself. In an attempt to get her life on track again she moves back into her parents’ house in the outskirts of Vienna – and soon discovers that she isn‘t the only one whose life is going off the rails. Also her parents ELFIE and KLAUS seem to lose track in an ever transforming world.
Gradually, as she fights for control over her body and a life caught between old loves, new job and psychotropic medication, Pia is transformed into a giant super-heroine who not only rescues her father from ruin but saves the whole world too. Or is she just having another psychotic episode?

Funded with the support of Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, Land Niederösterreich Abteilung Kunst und Kultur, CINE ART


A film by Verena Soltiz & Arash T. Riahi
Documentary | 90 min | AUT, CHE
a co-production with Amka Films Productions


Will women have more rights and freedoms if religion becomes obsolete in the matters of public and private life? And do all women want this at all, especially religious women who call themselves feminists and are honest about calling themselves so.

Funded with the support of Austrian Film Institute,
ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, FISA & Vienna Film Fund
Developed with the support of Creative Europe Programme MEDIA

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   

Read my Breasts

A film by Anja Salomonowitz
Documentary | 90 min | AUT, ESP
a co-production with Alba Sotorra


Read my Breasts is a documentary about the FEMEN activist Inna Shevchenko. Women who give everything, change our world with their political actions and reap contradictions, these are FEMEN. And Inna at the centre of this new feminism. 

Funded with the support of FISA, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, BMKOES & City of Vienna MA7 Culture Department

Lost Paradise

A film by Nicola von Leffern & Jakob Carl Sauer
Documentary | 85 min | AUT
a co-production with Nicola von Leffern & Jakob Carl Sauer


The victims of the devastating explosion in Beirut are coming to terms with their trauma, while the ongoing economic crisis continues to confront them with the question: Is life still worth living in this country?

Funded with the support of BMKOES, ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen, MA7 and Drehbuchforum Scriptlab.


2.7 Sujet zum Projekt

A film by Terence Davies
Feature Film | 110 min | AUT, UK, LUX
a co-production with Post Office Girl Production and Amour Fou Luxembourg


Stefan Zweig’s novel set in post war Austria sows the seeds for the rise of fascism, the end of the Empire and ultimately the Second World War.This is a story of two people who realize they are inextricably bound to their social and economic realities by circumstance.

Funded with the support of ÖFI +, Film Fund Luxembourg, Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund, ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen and Government of Lower Austria.
Developed with the support of Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA & Austrian Film Institute & Vienna Film Fund.

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   


A film by Alexandra Makarová
Feature Film | 90 min | AUT, SVK
a co-production with Hailstone


Vienna, the early 1980s. Perla, a Czechoslovak dissident and single mother, is in a relationship with the Austrian Tibetologist Josef. When she receives a call from her terminally ill childhood-boyfriend back home, she not only puts her newly built existence at risk, but also her freedom.

Funded with the suport of Austrian Film Institute and ORF Film/Fernsehabkommen.
Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute and If she can see it, she can be it Script Competition   



A film by Arash T. Riahi
Based on the novel “Frankie” by Michael Köhlmeier
100 min | AUT

When 14-year-old Frankie's 70-year-old grandpa is released early after 18 years in prison, a love-hate relationship develops between the two with unforeseen consequences.

Script developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute


A film by Arash T. Riahi
100 min | AUT

An Iranian family scattered all over the world meets again after 20 years. Through this family reunion and other stories from the Iranian diaspora universe, a kaleidoscope of a multi-layered collective identity complex emerges that is both specific and universal.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute


A film by David Clay Diaz
90 min | AUT

The summer holidays end and Adrián has to leave the safety of his mother's care to go back to school, where little by little, through encounters with the outside world, the reality of his mother's life and his own is questioned. A film about the painful shift in perspective on the beloved mum and the value of a human being.

Script developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute


A film by Arman T. Riahi (written by Arman T. Riahi & Lisa Polster)
100 min | AUT

The premature shutdown of a popular social taxi in a former rural industrial town radicalizes its leader, the previously long-term unemployed Franziska, but also welds their community of outsiders closer together.

Script developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute


A Film by Arash T. Riahi
Feature Film | 100 min | AUT

A single Iranian father lives in Austria with his two children. When his son (10) has a fatal accident at school, he tries with all means to bring the truth to light and overcome his grief. However his effords to shed light on the circumstances of the accident have different effects than planned.

Developed with the support of Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   


A film by The Riahi Brothers
Feature Film | 110 min | AUT

Alfred Duschek is a reactionary, xenophobic caretaker in Vienna. After his sudden, early retirement he starts to shrink and becomes more and more the victim of his own prejudices. A fantastic farce about people who hate change.

Developed with the support of Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA & Austrian Film Institute & Vienna Film Fund 

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   


A comedy by Daniel Moshel
written by Daniel Moshel,
Domenik Pockberger,
Eugen Klim
90 min | AUT

Jonni, a lovable, jewish rascal from Vienna is pulling out all the stops to emanzipate himself from his parents via his virtual reality cyber-erotic project. Even if that means blackmailing his racist father by threatening to marry a former prostitute from Nigeria.

Developed with the support of Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA & Austrian Film Institute 

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   


A feature series by The Riahi Brothers
written by Klaus Oppitz
6 x 45 min | AUT

Set in the near future. The members of the Viennese working-class family Putschek, supporters of the right wing populists, are unwilling to accept the fact that they – like many of their fellow countrymen – have lost out by electing the party that is in power. They are forced to flee to Turkey as refugees. An absurd farce about the future in the present.

Developed with the support of Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA & Vienna Film Fund

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   


An animation-film by Virgil Widrich
written by Jean-Claude Carriére & Virgil Widrich

90 min | AUT, LUX, FR

Romeo and Juliet in the microcosm of the human body… Forbidden love between the young Bacterium
Micromeo and Antibody-girl Globia threatens the harmony of the immune system, leading to war between ambitious leaders, and finally awakening a genetic monster that is ready to exterminate them all.

Developed with the support of Austrian Film Institute, Vienna Film Fund &
Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA

Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA   


A film by the Riahi Brothers
Screenplay by Sven Dagones
Feature Film | 105 min | AUT

For Georg Zukauskas (49), a pleasant biker and teacher for German as a foreign language, the fact that a masked man breaks his leg in front of his house for seemingly no reason is just the beginning of a crazy streak of bad luck that costs his girlfriend's Pomeranian its life and turns Zukauskas into a hunted man who becomes ever more deeply entangled in a bizarre and life-threatening plot involving biodiesel magnate Lee Kjong Dong...

Funded with the support of Vienna Film Fund


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